Member Benefits


Membership in Odyssey Networks affords your organization or faith group the opportunity to:

  • NETWORK with like-minded colleagues from across the USA in a multi-faith setting
  • LEARN through educational opportunities sponsored by Odyssey Networks     
  • SHARE your stories through multi- media platforms
  • PARTICIPATE in co-production opportunities
  • APPLY for membership production grants*... Check out our 2012 Grant Recipients

As a member of our non-profit media coalition, you can help to promote tolerance, peace and social justice through the production and distribution of media.By working together we can tell the stories, your stories, of faith in action changing the world for the better. We hope your organization will be able to participate in these ways:

  1. Designating one person from your organization or faith group to officially represent your organization and serve as liaison between the Odyssey Networks staff and heads of ministries in your organization who share common initiatives.*
  2. Making every effort to attend in person at least one gathering each year and encourage colleagues from your organization to attend.
  3. Letting Odyssey Networks inform others about what you’re doing through our Member Update – a place for information about your organization’s activities that might be of interest to other members.
  4. Supplying Odyssey with your news and current events, awards, blogs, etc.,  so that they can be promoted through our newsletters and on our website. And promoting Odyssey material that relates to your organization or your initiatives.
  5. Communicating with Odyssey Networks about possible collaboration opportunities with other Odyssey members on projects related to global or national issues.
  6. Taking advantage of Odyssey Networks member production grants to produce content that addresses faith-related issues.*
  7. Participating on board committees and in the growth and development of Odyssey's diverse membership.
  8. Recommending Odyssey Networks to other organizations that you think would make good members.
  9. Making others in your organization aware of your membership in Odyssey Networks and what programs and incentives relate to your organization’s ecumenical, mission-related or cause-related activities.  
  10. List Odyssey Networks on your website — on your page of supporters or partners, or on another appropriate page — and include a link to Include a logo where possible.
  11. Supporting Odyssey Networks and its mission.


* These apply to faith group and organization members only