Hiding Behind Faith

Obery Hendricks, an ordained minister and professor of biblical interpretation at New York Theological Seminary, asserts that presidential candidates often use the public's lack of knowledge of faith to manipulate the electorate. Conservative candidates, in particular, he says, espouse policies that contradict the biblical ideals to which they subscribe.
March 07th, 2012 13:58 pm

The choice of photo of Santorum's three GOP presidential opponents being shown at the first of the video, especially with Mitt Romney, front and center, being shown first and for an appreciable amount of time as his dialogue goes on is an indicator of whom he is speaking.

Also, the short descriptor "true conservative" I believe is a code word for pointing towards those in the GOP race who are "traditional Christians", which includes all, EXCEPT Mitt Romney. Of course, Mr Hendricks diatribe on the subject, IMO, is primarily intended as a slam against Mr. Romney, and his Mormonism.

However, every time I hear the likes of Santorum or Gingrich speaking of themselves as the "true conservative", I understand what they trying to evoke from their listeners. They are 'traditional Christians' who accept the 'traditional Christian' interpretation of the Bible, which is heavily filtered through the lenses of the several post-Biblical creeds, which color and define the 'traditional Christian' understanding of the Bible. They are trying to connect with their audience saying, basically, "I am the 'true' conservative, because I believe the Bible the same way you do, and since I am of the 'true' faith, thereby, I am the 'true' conservative! Vote for me.

Santorum, in particular, has brought up and out the theme of "I am holier than thou", as a conservative and patriotic American, than his rivals, especially in regards to Mitt Romney.

Other neo-Pharisees, be they of whatever 'traditional Christian' sect, Catholic or Protestant they may be, understand, basically, what Santorum means. This is why those in the Bible belt, primarily, have voted for Santorum, to help prevent the supposed heretic, Mitt-the-Mormon-Romney!

And, here we see, that while the U.S. Constitution expressly forbids any religious test for office, neo-Pharisees, as well as neo-Sadducees (Democrats and other so-called liberals) are all doing their utmost to prevent this heretical Mormon 'pretender' to the highest office of the most Christian nation in the world. Both poo-pooh Romney's successes, by-and-large, and to almost always raise a skeptical brow regarding almost anything he does or says.

LuAnn Lopato
December 13th, 2011 09:43 am

Very good video. But I wonder why Obrey Hendricks thinks Obama has deep faith but just hasn't expressed it. Big assumption. And what does it matter anyway? Can't a person be an effective leader without being religious? People in our country are too hung up on this idea. Jimmy Carter, for example, was a very religious man but a weak president. Bill Clinton--umm not so much--but much more effective in office.

December 07th, 2011 09:31 am

I was amazed, releived & very happy to hear Obery Hendrick's talk about presidential candidates hiding behind their faith which we see & hear alot of. I don't know how many people can see through them, but I have time & again. I don't remember hearing a minister of God speaking so clearly as Obery did. Some, though of course not all people, most presidential candidates & a few people 'of the cloth' do not embrace, thus they don't live as Jesus did & still does in the hearts of his true followers when they take away help after help from people who for one reason or another are poor, struggling, hurting. When children & their families suffer very needlessly in a country & world full of God's provisions just because many who have greed for more then we are looking at more then a tell-tale sign of those who do not follow God. And I agree that Obama has deep faith but hasn't shown it as fully & clearly as he has it in him to. I hope to hear more from Obery.
Thank you Obery for your courage, on going knowledge, faith, conviction, for talking the talk & walking the walk of God.

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