The Healing Power of Storytelling

In Southern Sudan, "after 21 years of war, many people had given up hope of ever being able to live one day without bombardment, without having to run away from their homes to hide in the swamps," says Milcah Lalam, programs manager, RECONCILE Peace Institute. While many organizations are now involved in peace building, RECONCILE also uses storytelling as a means of healing the deep wounds of war that resulted in so much emotional trauma in Sudan. Learn more about Milcah Lalam here. Watch related video, "On the Role of Women in South Sudan," here.

June 01st, 2011 15:51 pm

Peace begins with me as an individual and I can not know peace if I am hidden in myself. As I begin to tell my story I am more  able to live my story and share my story and my llife with others. As  I do this with  others they begin to do this with me. Before long we who are many become one//

April 21st, 2011 18:52 pm

Why would telling our stories be an important element of peace building and reconciliation?

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