The Tebow Text

Tim Tebow, star quarterback of the Denver Broncos, is well-known for publicly sharing his Christian faith. His life in the spotlight has provided him a platform to reach out to kids in need through his organization, the Tim Tebow Foundation. Dr. Eric Barreto shares how one Biblical verse, Isaiah 40:31, closely aligns with Tebow's work to help struggling and sick children.
Margie Negri
February 05th, 2012 09:31 am

Tim TEBOW is the greatest role model in pro football because he is the same person when not in public eye. He is humble, caring n cares more for helping sick or terminally ill children than winning games. He has been great role model all his life and is truly a Godly young man, unashamed to profess his faith publicly because it is his lifestyle, not just for public attention.

Margie Negri
February 05th, 2012 09:00 am

Tim TEBOW is the greatest role model in sports period !!!! He was in high school,at Florida, n at Denver. Why? Because ALL HIS LIFE he has put God first, not just recently, like some players. He is sincere n cares MOST ABOUT EXHIBITING GODLY CHARACTER, win or lose. He is all about OTHERS FIRST, not about himself, has received 100 times the criticism of any " regular player." Tim is about helping, encouraging sick, injured hurting children before or after his games, win or lose. He's the greatest example of a great COMPLETE pro football player n his appearances at outside events are NOT to make money for himself but to help THAT nonprofit charity. THAT is the reason he is loved n respected. He is a " real Christian" 100 % or time in front of n behind the public eye. He will do great whether he becomes a pro bowl player or just a great quarterback. 2 Chronicles 26:5 says " As long as he seeks n tries his best to live by GOD'S Word, he will prosper." That is total well being, not just power, money, fame but " content" in all areas of his life.

Frank Engelhof
February 03rd, 2012 10:08 am

Tim gets a lot of heat from the media for being so open about his faith--praying on the field, etc. But to me, I think he is an example for the sports world that is so full of drug addicts and thugs. We used to have heroes--not anymore.Tim is a good example for the young. One thing that always gets to me though is whether God cares about who wins a football game. If Tim's praying for the strength to do his best that's fine, but praying to score points--hard to believe God cares about that. He's be better keeping His eye on wars, crime, etc.

February 02nd, 2012 17:09 pm

Which athlete inspires you?

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